About me

My writing journey began as a young child. In the first grade, I remember proudly declaring to my parents that I had found my calling; I wanted to be an author and illustrator! I was fortunate enough to win a fourth-grade book writing contest and became a published author at the age of 10 with my picture book titled, The Perfect Princess. 

Since then, my writing has found a home in the fantasy/science-fiction genre with a heavy touch of the macabre. I now reside in Nashville, Tennessee with my goofy, lovable husband, sister, nephew, and two spindly greyhounds.


  • 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Award Finalist
  • 2013 Silver Key Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winner
  • 2013 Gold Key Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winner
  • 2013 American Vision Award Nominee 

Writing Community

I invite you to check out my YouTube channel where I post videos on book reviews, writing advice, and chats about the struggles of being a new writer. My goal is to create a community where fellow writers gather to share their journey. 
Join me and my tribe of fellow nerds!

Metalhead Community

I am also a connoisseur of metal music! I host a YouTube channel where I talk about all things metal. Join me on my channel: JJ Metalhead

Want updates on rock operas? Metal news? What about bonus content? Join my community of fellow freaks!