About JJ

JJ’s writing journey began as a young child. In the first grade she declared she I had found my calling: she wanted to be an author and illustrator and she wasted no time in accomplishing her goal. After winning a fourth-grade book writing contest, she became a published author at the age of 10 with her picture book The Perfect Princess. 

Since then, JJ has pursued many other interests and career paths including gaining her Private Pilot’s License, and competing professionally in ballroom dance. But the need to tell stories has always called her back to writing.

JJ’s writing has found a home in the fantasy/science-fiction genre with a heavy touch of the macabre. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her goofy, lovable husband, sister, nephew, and two spindly greyhounds. You can find her on her YouTube channel (JJ Metalhead) where she discusses how music and storytelling meet. S


Writing Community

JJ would like to invite you to check out her YouTube channel where she post videos on her journey as a writer. Her goal is to create a community where fellow writers gather to share their stories. 
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Metalhead Community

As a connoisseur of metal music, JJ invites you to join her Metalhead YouTube channel where she talk about all things rock and metal.

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