Trials for the Haunted

Haunted by the shadows of her past lives, Syn must conquer the deadliest trials of the dark realm or be consumed by her own soul.

Facing the final chance to join her people as a Legionite citizen, Syn is tasked with defending her village’s portal to Interterra—a brutal realm infested with bloodthirsty creatures. To activate the protective trap, she is tasked with a grim duty—a human sacrifice. However, when Syn’s curse strikes, her failure to complete the sacrifice triggers a devastating attack on her homeland.

Seeking redemption and a cure, Syn journeys into Interterra, entering a lethal competition to earn the title of Nighterrian, a divine warrior worshipped by her people. Winning means breaking her curse and gaining Nighterrian powers, the key to her village’s forgiveness.

However, the dark realm proves ruthless, with rivals willing to kill for victory. Suspicion grows as a conspiracy unfolds, and choosing the right ally becomes a matter of life or death.

Will she conquer her haunting and the malevolent forces of Interterra, or will the shadows of her past consume her forever?

Tales of Alyiria | Heiress

Welcome to the dark and beautiful world of Alyiria.

The following words were written in collaboration with the members of the band Alyiria—the brave explorers who dared dream up the deep and sprawling history of a land with a sentience all its own. From the music and the artwork to the lore contained within these pages, we invite you immerse yourself in this brutal and breathtaking world. If you’re ready to begin your journey, you need only open the pages of this cursed book. . . . 

If you dare.

What people are saying:

“The Heiress is a compilation of short stories. Based on an album by Alyiria, these stories will drown you in a world where chaos reigns. Do you dare to get dragged into the darkest moments, the deepest despairs, always looking for a light that never shines? These stories will hook you and not let you go! You’ll get lost in the depths of the characters’ plights and find out you don’t know whom to cheer on. Don’t pass this book up; immerse yourself and get lost… if you dare.” -T.L. Humphrey (author of the Katie’s Journey Series)

A Ghost Rock Opera | Part I

A story inspired by the band Ghost’s 2010 album, Opus Eponymous. A Ghost Rock Opera Part 1 envisions a concept that follows the album track-by-track. This fan-fiction novelette brings Opus Eponymous to life as a full-fledged rock opera.

Gil, a wayward drug user, stumbles upon a satanic church after getting lost in the woods. His plight brings him face-to-face with Papa Emeritus and his clergy of nameless ghouls. Gil soon learns Papa and the clergy intend to bring about the birth of the Antichrist. Will Gil escape before he becomes a human sacrifice?

The Sirens Call | Issue 58


by J.J. Kīmmorist

Sirens Call is a horror eZine filled with short stories, poetry, and artwork. “BOIL” is a short body horror story featured in the summer 2022 issue.

What begins as a pimple on Trista’s neck soon grows hair and a face. What’s worse is it begins talking to her.

Published by: Sirens Call Publications

Hundred Word Horror | Cosmos


by J.J. Kīmmorist

Horrifying tales of the unknown and the farthest reaches of outer space. Each story is exactly 100 words and explores everything from black holes, haunted spaceships, and the existential crisis of time bending on the brink of alternate dimensions.

Published by: Ghost Orchid Press

Hundred Word Horror | Beneath

“Resident of the Box”

by J.J. Kīmmorist

A dark collection of succinct horror stories written by a slew of talented authors. Each story is exactly 100 words and explores everything from Cave-dwellers, crypts, and catacombs to the tiny horrors beneath the lid of a wooden box.

Published by: Ghost Orchid Press

How I Survived 2020

An Anthology

I am proud & honored to be published alongside a medley of talented authors (and fellow Nashvillians) in my first anthology! My story, Species Recovery, is one of many that seeks to process and understand the wild year of 2020.


Terek is assigned the mission of species recovery for a newfound planet. It is the opportunity of a lifetime but only if he is able to find the elusive native beings that mysteriously disappeared in the year 2020.